What you need
when you need it

Zena is your ‘super’ smart AI, and she has one job - to make superannuation easy for you.

No such thing
as a silly question

The answers you need

No one likes searching through super FAQs, especially when you don’t even know what the right question is in the first place. Enter Zena, Yoda’s distant robo-cousin, twice removed. She’ll do her best to quickly match your question with what she thinks you’re asking, hopefully saving you wasted time searching through boring websites.

Zena Chatbot

At your service

Call centres are so 90’s

That’s why Zena is on hand to concierge all your support requests through to our support team. If they need to pick up the phone and give you a call, they will, but if it can get fixed with Zena in half the time, making you twice as happy, we’ll count that as a win.

Future Zena

The most helpful money bot

Just like we hope you do, Zena has a full professional development program in place to get her to the next level of bot excellence. So while she might be a little nervous when you ask her a question today, given she’s all circuit boards and 0s and 1s, this lady will learn at the pace of Moore’s Law.