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Invest in the future, today.

If you believe technology makes the world go round, despite Australia’s slow internet, Zuper Tech is the way forward. This option lets you invest your super in global, growth oriented, internet stocks and technology companies who are paving a path to the future.

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Company Spotlight

Choose Zuper Tech and you’ll be investing in companies like Amazon, who are pioneering “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like the Amazon Echo, and Tesla, who are bringing electric cars to the masses. Other forward thinking companies include Apple, Facebook, and Google.

They may not look like much, but these big, boxy, white batteries are anything but boring. They’re the future. In South Australia - and beyond.

Invest in What Matters To You Most

Zuper lets you choose from a variety of themed investments so you can support the issues you care about. You can even remove things like weapons, tobacco, and alcohol if those aren’t your jam. Let us know which of our options you’re most excited by.

Our current investment options include:

Zuper Green

If you believe in a future free from coal and other nasties, your super can help by supporting clean energy companies who focus on wind farms, solar, and more.

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Zuper Health

Preparing for the future means looking after your money - and your well-being. Do both by investing in global companies who provide health related products and services.

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Zuper Impact

If you can’t decide what to invest in, or you just want the cheapest deal, park your money in our “no-frills” growth oriented option for now. You can always switch later.

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Zuper Women

Did you know companies with female CEOs perform better? Like 30% better. Make Mum proud and invest your super in companies dedicated to gender equality - and profits.

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Own the robots before they own you.
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