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Innovation empowers humanity

We’ve come a long way from cassette recordings, fax machines… and even the first iPhone. But investing in the future of tech can be tricky.

Unless you’re some sort of stock market guru, you may be asking yourself, ‘what’s the next big thing?’ or ‘which tech start-ups are really onto something?’.

At Zuper we make it simpler to jump into tech investment and empower humanity.

Invest like a forward-thinker

(and build wealth for your future at the same time)

By the time you retire you should have quite a bit of money invested in your super - but do you know where it is right now? If you’re with another super fund, your money could be invested in companies or industries you don’t agree with. We can change that.

If you’re passionate about the future and want to be involved in the ‘next-big-thing’, invest you super into our Zuper Tech option.

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Create the future you want
For yourself and the world

You aren’t a lazy thinker. You’re the type of person who makes smart, active decisions about your future and the future of the world.

That’s why we’ve put the power back in your hands.

We’ve structured Zuper Super to give you more choice - the power to customise your investment mix, the types of companies your super is funding and which industries you avoid.

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