Zuper Tech

Invest in the future, today.

Investing isn’t just about bragging rights — it allows us to go faster, live smarter and do better in all aspects of life. That’s why we created Zuper Innovation.

Now you can power the world’s “next big thing” and give smarter party chat while you’re at it.

With Zuper Tech, you can use your super to back large and small companies alike who are trying new things in the technology sphere. They’re helping humankind live smarter, making our day-to-day routines easier and allowing us all to be a bit lazier — err — we mean more efficient.

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Company Spotlight

Choose this option and you’ll be investing in companies like Amazon, who are pioneering “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like the Amazon Echo, and Tesla, who are bringing electric cars to the masses. Other forward thinking companies include Apple, Facebook, and Google.

They may not look like much, but these big, boxy, white batteries are anything but boring. They’re the future. In South Australia - and beyond.

Invest in What Matters To You Most

Zuper lets you choose from a variety of themed investments so you can support the issues you care about. You can even remove things like weapons, tobacco, and alcohol if those aren’t your jam. Let us know which of our options you’re most excited by.

Our current investment options include:

First choose a base.
Our lowest cost option with a growth orientated base that excludes investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons.
All the goodness of Impact, but we've done our best to remove things like gambling, pornography, alcohol and fossil fuels.
Then add toppings.
You don’t have to choose a topping, but you can choose one, two, or all three and flavour 20% of your super with things you care about. The other 80% stays in your chosen base for a deliciously diversified portfolio.
Invest your super in global companies who research and provide health related products and services.
Invest your super in clean energy companies who focus on wind farms, solar technology, and more.
Invest your super in future focused companies like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Nvidia, iRobot and Google.