Don’t feed the fat cats

Using index funds and ETFs, our goal is to keep money managers out of the mix to help you make the most of your moola. Our fees start from as low as 0.99% of your account balance each year, and our Wealthness program aims to deliver this back to you in value, plus some.

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Zuper Fee Finder
Think of your Zuper like a pizza, first you choose a base, then your toppings. Select the base you want and the toppings below and your fee will be displayed.
Our lowest cost option with a growth orientated base that excludes investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons.
All the goodness of Impact, but we've done our best to remove things like gambling, pornography, alcohol and carbon intensive fossil fuels.
Now add toppings.
Invest your super in global companies who research and provide health related products and services.
Invest your super in clean energy companies who focus on wind farms, solar technology, and more.
Invest your super in future focused companies like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Nvidia, iRobot and Google.

Your fee will be 0.00% of your account balance per year.
If your balance is $50,000 your annual fee would be $0*
*Not taking into account insurance premiums or other fees you choose.
0% Impact+
100% Impact
0% Tech
0% Green
0% Health
0% Women
Annual Fee:0.99%