Super 101

If you work, or have ever had a job in Australia, then you have a superannuation account.

Maybe even more than one.

And while you might not care about your super that much…

You should, because 9.5% of your salary is paid into super.

And it’s all your money.

Chances are, it’s your biggest asset.

Just because you can’t use it now, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t using it.

In fact, somewhere a Fund Manager is using your super right now as capital for something they care about.

We think you should be able to invest your super in things you care about.

And that it should be easy to see where your money is, and what it’s doing.

And that everyone deserves access to the tech and investments it takes to build wealth.

That’s why we’ve redesigned superannuation for today, and tomorrow.

To be easy, economical, and empowering.

And maybe a tiny bit more fun.

The future is yours. Make it Zuper.

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