1. Unshackle thyself

We believe in a future free from old-world thinking that only serves to hold you back

Zuper says “hell no” to:
  • High fees
  • Mysterious investments
  • Ignoring customers
  • Confusing forms
  • Surprises (the bad kind)
2. Power to the People

We believe in putting the power back into the hands of the people

Do you know where all your super is?

Or what it’s invested in? With the Zuper app everything is visible and controlled by you. Check balances, payments, and other cool stuff in real time, anytime. Or just when you’re 65.

Blue Illustration - Fat Man
3. Freedom!

We believe true freedom means having the confidence to make good decisions about your life, future, and money

Goodbye anxiety. Hello happiness.

Superannuation doesn’t have to be complicated. Our easy to understand interfaces and investment options are designed to give you a whole new sense of financial security, wisdom, and power.

4. ZeeBot. Must. Save. You.

We believe with the right technology anyone can change their financial future for the better

Got questions about your super?

Ask our sassy chatbot anything and get easy to understand answers that can help you plan for today, and tomorrow.

5. You da Boss

We believe you should have a say in where and how your hard earned money is invested

Choose wisely

Our investment options are designed to reflect your vision and values, and we’ll be adding more as we grow based on your suggestions.

Blue Illustrations - Fund Choices
6. The 8th Wonder

We believe it’s our duty to help people make the most of their money so they can keep doing what they love when they’re older

Act now. Enjoy later.

Albert Einstein called Compounding Interest “The eighth wonder of the world,” but when it comes to getting great returns, it helps if you’re not paying heaps of fees out of the money you put in. Combining accounts in a click is a great place to start.

7. Zombies

And we believe if a zombie apocalypse comes, your money should be protected

Your money is safe

Whatever happens, Zuper is here to look after you and your money, now and in the long run. That way you’ll be able to afford all the zombie brain destroying weaponry you’ll ever need.

8. It's not your de-fault

We believe Australians deserve to have control of their destiny, and their future

Be blameless

Most of us got put into a super fund we didn’t choose, managed by a person we’ve never met. But just because it was the company default, doesn’t mean it’s the de-best. Now’s your chance to make it right.

Blue Illustration - Opinion Graph
(Zuper research Sept. 2016)
9. 100%

We believe in operating without conflicts of interest and staying 100% focused on your needs

Give it your all

Zuper helps you reign in the things you may have let slip and put the money you work hard for in a place where it can work hard for you.

  • Don’t pay for a Money Manager you’ve never met.
  • Don’t pay for more insurance than you need.
  • Do pay for tacos. They’re delicious.
10. See the future

We believe that by empowering individuals to look after themselves we help preserve the integrity of our collective future

We’re not Fortune Tellers

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have some awesome algorithms and mathematical wizardry at our disposal. So no matter which of our options you choose, your money will keep working hard until you’re ready to retire.

The future holds:
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Abundance
  • Eyeglasses & hearing aids (probably)
Blue Animation - Xray Vision
11. You are Zuper

And we believe in being proactive, responsive, and devoted keeping you happy and building your wealth

The sad story is sometimes superannuation can be kinda boring, which is probably why you never thought about it much before. But if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this page, then you’re ready to be Zuper. Let us show you the way.

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