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The financial legacy of Sex and the City
It was the show that liberated a generation of women, but is society still not quite financially ready for us?...
Act on insight, not instinct
Boom and bust cycles, together with asset bubbles and crashes, have been a feature of investing as long as markets have existed....
Tribal wars are the super industry 'default', and it's time they all moved on
The mass exodus to self managed super proves most Australians have. We explain what's driving it....
It's Time For A New Wealth Playbook
The Royal Commission is living proof your money can be expertly managed - into someone else's account....
You are the future, so back it
Millennials are at the heart of a seismic shift that is happening in technology, healthcare and energy. How does this translate into investing?...
Default super is damaging your future
Superannuation right now feels like the ultimate apathy grudge match, members v funds, two sides trying as hard as possible to ignore each other....
Forget obesity, Australia’s financial epidemic is far worse
Not all epidemics are as obvious as obesity though. Right now, we are in throes of an invisible and insidious financial illiteracy epidemic, sweeping ...
Disrupt your money-tude and make the world (and your wallet) a better place
It all starts with aligning how you use your money with what you believe and hope for. ...
Is your Uber driver safe?
I’m always curious to learn what my Uber drivers did before they decided to drive for a dollar. An amazing amount of them left jobs that by comparison...
Crypto - A fad or the future? More like a big social experiment
If there was one thing that was evident from our latest Fin Gym in Melbourne, it was that no one really knows what’s going to happen in crypto land. B...
What I know about money at 33
At 33, I would describe my relationship with money as relatively balanced, with the odd weird behavioural quirk still hanging over me from my childhoo...
Why Steve Jobs would love Zuper
While recent current events might lead us to believe the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, the good news is that thanks to advances in technolo...
Living longer, but not healthier?
We are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. That's a bit of a brain melt for me, how do those two facts not interrelate? The bureau of stats...
Why your bank account needs to meet your 60 year old self today
If I were to be clinically diagnosed, psychologists would say my ‘want self’ is winning out in the battle against my ‘should self’, a behavioural scie...
Wealth, superannuation, and the new aspirational consumer zeitgeist
If you’re thinking about starting a choice-led superannuation business in Australia, it’s safe to say most people would consider you dead in the water...

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