Zuper is making sparks!

Zuper is proud to be a part of the upcoming Spark Festival in Sydney with our Behavioural Economics Lab.

Spark is a thirteen day program of events and activities which showcases, supports and strengthens the vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem of Sydney, and all of NSW. It is Australia’s largest gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs and startups in one place and it takes place October 11-24, 2017.

The Behavioural Economics Lab will explore how fundamental principles such as optimism and pessimism bias, time-inconsistency, framing and habits are shaping our customers financial behaviours. Critically, we’ll demonstrate how these can be leveraged to provide effective products and service solutions.

As the finance world evolves and transforms thanks to fintech, focus is moving away from transactional relationships toward innovative products that solve real problems for customers. To solve these challenges, financial solutions will benefit from leveraging the latest behavioral psychology and science.

To help those interested in finance and fintech to better understand BE principles and their application to help customers make better decisions, we’re inviting you to take part in a live BE lab. During this session, participants will learn fundamental BE principles, see how BE is being leveraged in the real world, and apply principles to create potential solutions.

Join a small group of innovative finance and fintech companies by registering for the Behavioural Economics Lab for fintech & financial product designers.

Date: 18 October Time: 10am - 12:30pm Venue: UTS Hatchery Spaces are limited

Questions we’ll address:

  • How can the sector engage customers to improve their financial outcomes, from saving + spending today to retirement one day?
  • How can BE influence people to make better financial decisions, and engage in better financial behaviour?

The workshop will focus on:

  • Understanding behavioural economics principles at play with customers’ financial behaviour
  • How to leverage BE to help customers with key finance challenges

This session is a must for:

  • Anyone working in product management within traditional financial institutions who are looking for fresh thinking they can bring back to their team
  • Fintech startup founders and product designers looking to bake BE into their build from day 1


Kris White is the Chief Behavioural Officer at superannuation startup Zuper. He is a behavioural insight and qualitative research specialist and has conducted commercial and social projects in Australia, South East Asia, and the Middle East. He is experienced in ethnographic, digital and traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Kris’s thinking is grounded in behavioural science, evolutionary psychology, sociology and cultural analysis, and he is a full member of the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society).

Jacqui Park is co-founder of fintech startup Carrots Money, a platform designed to build financial inclusion by leveraging behavioural economics principles. After starting a career in investment management, Jacqui then completed her MBA in the UK, and wrote a thesis at MIT on economic sociology, published in 2014. She’s worked in not-for-profits in NY and Cameroon, and startups in the US & Australia.

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