When conscious living clashes with unconscious investing

Hello, world. My name is Courtney Beck and up until recently I was completely oblivious to the fact that my superannuation could have been helping fund the fossil fuel industry.


Before I quit my serious adult job to try and make it as an author, I was earning some pretty good coin. Which also logically means I was contributing some pretty good coin into my super account.

Rationally I’ve always known I needed super, but I’ve had no emotional investment in it.

Just as the planet Saturn exists, so does my super. Because Saturn exists, does it mean I want to go there and explore it? Not really.

My complete disconnection to super changed when I met Jess Ellerm, the CEO and Co-Founder of Zuper.

During our chat I asked Jess what made Zuper different?

Jess explained that with Zuper I could invest in the industries and businesses I care about, which meant I could choose not to invest in things like coal.

Coal. One word that managed to trigger an existential crisis. Did I mention the book I wrote is all about saving the environment?

After years of ignoring super like I try to ignore Donald Trump, I became as engaged with super as Donald is with his twitter account. In a few short seconds I realised my passive attitude to my own super meant I was actively funding entire industries that don’t align with who I am or what I believe in.

Scary stuff.

After I came back from my blackout, Jess went on to explain that Zuper can help me invest in anything I care about, from green energy to healthcare and technology. And in the future potentially even something I put forward. The sky truly is the limit.

What is both funny and scary is that I had to get to 35 and be in the same room as a Super fund CEO and Founder in order to have this realisation.

I understand that super is about increasing the money we have for our retirement and I have always understood that, but I don’t want to sacrifice my values for profit And what does money matter anyway if we don’t have a world to spend it in?

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Courtney Beck

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