Jason surfs his way to 'super savvy' with Zuper

In 3 short years, the first millennials will enter into their 40s. For a generation defined by youth, tech-savvy, and vibrance, the image of a balding, middle-age millennial is almost inconceivable. However, the years are catching up to us, as is the reckless abandon of our younger selves. The technological revolution has brought the world to our fingertips, giving us faster, easier, and more reliable access to millions of services across the globe. It takes seconds to send a message, two days to receive packages, and nothing more than a few minutes to find basically anything on the interweb.

But this culture of instant gratification has spoiled us. As our generation ages suddenly things like our superannuation, retirement, and savings are crawling out of the dusty closet we shoved them in and are now fighting for our attention. Things we thought we could always “think about later” are now way too close for comfort, and this is the position that Jason Hardie found himself in.

Hardie is the CEO of Digital Village, an online platform that brings a network of digital specialists together to build teams, products and solve business technology problems. He joined the mass exodus of millennials into entrepreneurship back in 2014, and has been on the whirlwind path that is the startup life since then. Through a continuous onslaught of meetings, emails, phone calls, and late nights, the long days somehow melted into four years, and Hardie was facing the big 3-0. “The first 30 years went by so fast”, Hardie told Zuper, ”[I thought] how do I want to spend the next 30?”

Seemingly out of nowhere adulthood had caught up to Hardie, and he know that he had to start thinking more long-term, and one of the first priorities in his mind was getting his super in check. Hardie not only wanted to have a better understanding of his super, but also to invest his super into things that he was passionate about, such as sustainability and the environment. He wanted to keep his super as far away from petrol, coal, and tobacco as possible, and when he found Zuper he knew that it would be the perfect fund for his needs.

Now, Hardie knows exactly how much super he has, where his money is going, and can enter his 30’s confident that his money is in good hands. When prompted about what words he would like to pass on to other millennials, he said, “As a collective, we need to start thinking more about the future”, and we couldn’t agree more. Our generation is going to keep racing forward, coming up with new technologies, medicines, and innovations that surpass any imagination, but the clock will never stop ticking. So before you find yourself looming on the edge of retirement, take some time to sign up with Zuper, to make sure you’re ready to take the plunge when the time comes.

Han Ju Seo

3rd year Uni student from the States trying to figure out her place in the world. Deeply passionate about social impact, education, and fluffy dogs.

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