National Sort Your Super Day goes off with a bang!

October 11 was the inaugural launch of National Sort Your Super Day, which we kicked off with a roaring start at Stone & Chalk at our breakfast launch event.

We launched this initiative to draw attention to 3 big issues that are costing Australians millions of dollars each year. As part of our month long campaign we:

  • Raised awareness of the nearly $18 billion dollars in lost and unclaimed super
  • Drove Australians to close the 10 million multiple accounts that are gouging their retirement savings
  • Drew attention to the $1.9 billion in duplicate insurance policies held by Aussies

Today is sort your super day! @zuperannuation officially launched at Stone & Chalk events space spreading the word about how important being on top on your super is. Have you checked your super? #super #zuper #zuperhero #zuperannuarion #superannuation #fintech #startups #Australia #launch #breakfast

26 Likes, 1 Comments - Stone & Chalk (@stoneandchalk) on Instagram: "Today is sort your super day! @zuperannuation officially launched at Stone & Chalk events space..."

Our campaign was featured on Sunrise and national radio, and via a nationwide social campaign on Instagram. Our goal was to spark conversation among the community, not the echo chamber of industry press! To help connect Australia to the extent of the problem in their own backyard, we built a postcode lookup tool that allowed Aussies to look up their neighbourhood, and pushed this campaign out to social channels to raise awareness.

I was just using the look up tool 👉 (link in bio) to see how much super is missing in my area and I was quite surprised. Did you know that $ 18 BILLION dollars in unclaimed super owed to Australians? The first ever Sort Your Super Day is launching on October 11, so it's a perfect opportunity for all Aussies to check on their super in general by taking part in this easy Check, Consider and Combine. I will be checking my super thats for sure ! @zuperannuation #sysd #ad #lifestyle #picoftheday #mummyblogger #peoplescreative #lblogger #itsthelittlethings

703 Likes, 17 Comments - 📷 (@our_captured_life) on Instagram: "I was just using the look up tool 👉 (link in bio) to see how much super is..."

In addition, we asked employers to give their team 10 minutes at 10am to check their super.

Kit Legal on Twitter

We have just given our team 10 minutes to check their super. Join in Sort Your Super Day via And yes, we are a law firm working in a playground today! @zuperannuation #FinServ #super

Thousands of people were involved, and everyone that registered via our campaign website was gifted a free eBook explaining the 6 steps to sort your super.

We also timed the launch of this campaign to coincide with the release of the latest ATO lost super data. Unsurprisingly, it shows this problem is not going away. Here is some additional coverage that came out in the past 24 hours.

$2.8 million worth of lost super on Kangaroo Island - The Islander Online

Search for mystery taxpayer with $2m in unclaimed super - Yahoo

ATO bid to return $1.7b in lost super to West Australians with 378,000 lost accounts - The West Australian

We’re passionate about building a community of people who care about what happens to their money - by the people entrusted to take care of it, and the companies that are fortunate enough to recieve it. Together we can spark real change on super, and bring it front and centre into our lives, where it should always have been.

Head to our Facebook Page to see the photo album from the event - a great snapshot of our growing Zedhead community!

Jess Ellerm

CEO and Co-Founder at Zuper Superannuation. Loves fintech, writing, pilates, Campari and soda's and, as of 2018, marathon running.

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