Live passionately and plan wisely

Zuper helps you invest your hard earned cash into things you care about now so you can do more with it later.
Choose one or mix n' match
These will be our four investment options at launch, with more on the way based on your suggestions.

Zuper Tech

Technology makes the world go round. Get in on the action now by investing your super in future focused companies like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, and Google.

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Zuper Green

If you believe in a future free from coal and other nasties, your super can help by supporting clean energy companies who focus on wind farms, solar, and more.

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Zuper Health

Preparing for the future means looking after your money - and your well-being. Do both by investing in global companies who provide health related products and services.

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Zuper Basic

If you can’t decide what to invest in, or you just want the cheapest deal, park your money in our “no-frills” growth oriented option for now. You can always switch later.

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What They Do

Chances are your current super fund invests your hard earned cash with the help of expensive Fund Managers.

Yet research shows very few of them beat the market in the long term. But they still get paid for trying – by you.

And while their fees may appear small, over time they have a huge impact on the total amount of money you’ll have when you’re older.

What We Do

At Zuper we take a simple, cheaper, long term approach that pretty much leaves Fund Managers out of the mix and lets compounding returns take care of the rest.

To do this we invest your money using inexpensive index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are proven to get good results. Just ask Warren Buffett.

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Our Core Portfolio

At the core of each Zuper portfolio is a diversified mix of asset classes. This diversification is an effective way to reduce risk so that your investment is not concentrated in just one area.

The core of each portfolio is made up of six asset classes:

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Property
  • Infrastructure

See how this weird blue pizza has a diversified mix of ingredients? This reduces the risk of getting a bad slice with nothing on it. Or a slice with only anchovies. Yecch.

Our Investment Options

Zuper provides flexibility and choice while matching the investment allocation to a level of risk you’re comfortable with.

The core of your super is invested across a simple set of asset classes designed to maximise your long term return and you can allocate a portion of your super into things like Green, Tech, and Health & Well-Being, with more options on the way based on your suggestions.

Just don’t ask us to create a beer and pizza option. The only thing that grows is your waistline.

Who wants weird blue pizza?