Create a
sustainable planet

Save money. And the world.

Climate Change isn’t just a political issue - it’s a human one. That’s why we created Zuper Green.

Now you can become an advocate for unf*cking our planet without even leaving your sofa.
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Renewable Life

Clean air and financial security aren’t mutually exclusive

You’ve got to love it when people question whether climate change is ‘real’.

Palm hits face

Scientist know the truth - and so do we.

Fight for plastic free oceans and air we can actually breathe by using your super to back innovative, earth-conscious companies.

Invest like an eco-warrior

(and build wealth for your future at the same time)

You don’t have to wear tie-dyed shirts to be a better hippie than your parents.

You also don’t have to turn your hard-earned super dollars over to traditional financial institutions, who may not be investing your money in things you believe in

Take control and create the kind of world you want to live in with Zuper Green.

Zuper green

Create the future you want
For yourself and the world

You aren’t a lazy thinker. You’re the type of person who makes smart, active decisions about your future and the future of the world.

That’s why we’ve put the power back in your hands.

We’ve structured Zuper Super to give you more choice - the power to customise your investment mix, the types of companies your super is funding and which industries you avoid.

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Get everything you’d expect, plus some wonderful things you wouldn’t from a super fund that truly has your best interests at heart. Locate your lost super and consolidate it in a click.
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