Get in to the Fin Gym

Have you put on a little extra debt? Do your money muscles feel flabby or non-existent? Then it’s time to get fiscally fit.

The Fin Gym is a short, fun, monthly event produced in partnership with General Assembly where you can ask all your embarrassing money questions in a safe, welcoming place.

• No judgement • No sales pitches • No lame speakers

Just useful info you can actually use. Plus free beer, wine, and other goodies.

The next Fin Gym is on…


Impact Investing: Good for the world. And your wallet.

Date: May 7th Time: 6-8pm Venue: General Assembly Market St. Price: Free Spaces limited


Crypto - Fad or future?

Date: March 7th Time: 6-8pm Venue: General Assembly William St. Price: Free Spaces limited

We all know we need to do more to secure our financial future.

But taking the first steps can be daunting. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create an event format that doesn’t feel “financial” even if the content is. Every month is different, but we typically follow a familiar routine:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Jumping Jacks (here’s why)
  • Conversation Cards
  • Super short Super School
  • Topical preso
  • Discovery Partner preso (the really, really fun bit)
  • Q&A / Drinks

Tickets are always limited, so book your spot above, or connect with us on social media so you don’t miss your chance to get on the path to fiscal fitness.

Discussion topics

  • Debt
  • Short term investing
  • Impact investing
  • Credit
  • Mortgages
  • Tax
  • And more!

Discovery Partners

  • Four Pillars Gin
  • Whisky Loot
  • More to come!

Please contact us if you want to host a panel, sit on a panel, or apply to become a Financial or Discovery Partner

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