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General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. They offer award-winning programs and leverage the latest technological tools to provide truly dynamic and innovative learning.

  • 20% off all GA classes and workshops
  • $200 tuition credit for part-time courses
  • $500 tuition credit for full-time courses


Academy Xi is the school of the future, equipping the next wave of digital professionals with skills in emerging tech and design. With a range of online and offline courses to choose from, transform your future today.

  • 20% off all online and offline courses - that’s up to $2500 in value for one of Academy Xi’s Full-Time courses!


Switch L+D is an online platform that offers a collection of action-oriented courses that will give you the knowledge, tools, and proven resources to help you crush your career and build the life you want.

  • 40% off all Switch L+D courses.

and more…


Laugh-Masters Academy runs improv comedy classes with a focus on personal development and their corporate arm, LMA Training, has helped thousands of people communicate, innovate, and collaborate with more confidence, mindfulness, and success.

  • $100 off any 8-week class at Laugh-Masters Academy
  • 10% off any corporate workshop with LMA Training


Zambesi connects learners to experts for short face-to-face courses where you’ll learn in a small group from industry pros who have spent years honing their craft and earn their living doing it.

  • $100 off any workshop

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