To be the best, we work with the best

To inject new thinking into an old industry we’ve found partners who shared our vision of a better product, better service, and better future.

Super the way it should be

Zuper has a top team of financial, regulatory, and industry associates who work together to make sure your super is safe and smartly invested. This includes Diversa who manage over $9 billion of superannuation for businesses across Australia, and Blackrock who have $5.7 trillion under management and whose ETFs and index funds power a good portion of our investment options.


Our independent and specialist superannuation Trustee, who works together with Zuper, to act in the best interest of members at all times.

Atchison Consultants

Our appointed Asset Consultant, who provide ongoing monitoring, including regular stress-testing of all the investment options offered by Zuper through the Fund.

Sandhurst Trustees

Our custodian, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. They ensure the assets you hold in your superannuation are securely safeguarded.


Our Administrator, who help manage our backend accounting and admin. They look after over $2.2B in superannuation funds and care for over 93,000 members, so you’re in safe hands.


We’re proud to be part of KPMG’s High Growth Ventures Team who selectively work with exceptional Aussie startups. They’ve been our CFO, tax, and accounting partner since day one.

Hannover Re

Our specialist insurance partner who may provide insurance when you join Zuper, all facilitated online without any hassle or boring forms.

The Banking & Financial Oath

We made a vow from the very beginning of our business to do good for our members and for the world. These guys are trying to get everyone else to do the same.

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